About Us

massimo founder

Neri Prestigiosi was born in Formigine, small town close to Modena, as an entrepreneurial idea of its founder Massimo Pecchia. After a long experience as Export Manager in several agro industrial companies, he developed a passion for the balsamic vinegar world.

Determined to let the world of “haute cuisine” know his products, Massimo has launched his project based on the research of excellent raw materials and the creation of products linked to the wine. Wine is the most known and loved product of nature and of Italian regions’ culture and one of the main symbols of the “Made in Italy”.

In order to mainly intensify the characteristics of the wine, other ingredients have been selected: in the Chianti DOCG dressing for example the wine is blended with cooked must of Sangiovese grape and Chianti wine vinegar. In this way a new concept emerges that is to create a product that is indissolubly linked to its territory and made with ingredients that contribute to enhance the fragrance and the flavor of its main component, the wine. The outcome is a unique and original product in which the characteristics, aromatic nuances, aromas and fragrances of every wine allow each one of them to enrich and match with different kind of courses.

With this intuition Neri Prestigiosi has created the ROSSO CONERO DOC from The Marche region and others such as the RIBOLLA GIALLA DOC form Friulian hills, the LAMBRUSCO from Emilia Romagna region, the MOSCATO, BAROLO DOCG, NEBBIOLO D’ALBA DOC from the Piedmont region, VIN SANTO DEL CHIANTI DOC from Tuscany, LAGREIN, GEWÜRZTRAMINER from Trentino and others that are about to arrive on your tables.