Mixed vegetables with “Lambrusco” dressing

Mixed vegetables with “Lambrusco” dressing



The Mixed vegetables is an Italian typical tradition recipe used in particular in the Modena area between the various 
dishes of sliced ​​mixed cold cuts with tigelle. 
It is usually prepared in summer, when the vegetables are plentifull, to keep it under vinegar for the winter months. 
Neri Prestigiosi mixed vegetables is crisp and tasty, without preservatives or coloring, and is enriched with various dressings  
that sweeten the taste of vegetables. It is suggested,before tasting, to turn the contents into a large bowl, 
so that the dressing is able to blend with the oil. This creates a vinagrette that you absolutely must try with hot bread. 
It is recommanded with aged cheeses, cold cuts, roast or boiled meat and fish.



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310 g