Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Wine Dressing 100 ML


Ingredients: Nebbiolo cooked grape must, wine vinegar, “Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC” (15%). Contains sulphites.


The “Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC” wine is the oldest native black grape of Piedmont, one of the noblest and most precious in Italy and is produced in the Cuneo province. It comes to maturity rather late than others, in the first half of October. The “Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC” dressing has as its ingredients the cooked grape must of Nebbiolo, vinegar and wine of “Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC”. The product has a faint and delicate violet scent reminiscent with tannic notes deriving from the selected wine. Excellent with beef, pork and chicken and is suitable for cheese and salads.

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100 ml


"Vino Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC"