Vino Chianti DOCG Wine Dressing 250 ML


Ingredients: ooked grape must, wine vinegar, “Vino Chianti DOCG”(15%. Contains sulphites.


The Tuscan geographic zone suited to the “Chianti DOCG” wine production, falls within the central part of this region, and partly includes the hill territories in the provinces of Arezzo, Florence, Pistoia, Pisa, Prato and Siena close to the Apennines Mountains.
Result of meticulous selection of grapes and the particular cooking method necessary, left to mature in precious oak barrels. The outcome is velvet and dense flavor with a delicate bouquet and full-bodied taste. The color is tending a bright ruby red colored characteristic of “Chianti DOCG wine”. The sweet flavor of cooked must of San Giovese grape and “Chianti Wine” Vinegar combines perfectly with the pleasant woody aftertaste to offer a real emotion to the palate. It is ideal to exalt the taste of cooked vegetables, salads dishes based on fish or meat and on desserts in particular on ice cream



italia toscana

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"Vino Chianti DOCG"